20 April 2017

New Products for RICE from Kenso Thailand

Kenso Agcare Thailand has released 5 new products to compliment their range of herbicides and fungicides available to rice growers of Thailand.

BULL-SET is a twin pack containing Kenso’s KEN-BULL a unique EW formulation of Butachlor and Propanil 60 DF herbicides. The combination of these two innovative formulations in the one pack provides growers with the ideal mixing option for the control of narrow leaf, broad leaf and Sedge weeds in rice e.g., Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) Beauv., Leptochloa chinensis (L.) Nees, Sphenoclea zeylanica Gaertn., Cyperus difformis L. and Fimbristylis miliacea (L.) Vahl. at the early growth stage (8-12 DAYS: days after seeding) of rice growth.

CLEAN-SET is another innovative twin pack that contains Kenso’s KENTOFIX an EC formulation of Pretilachlor and PROPANIL 60 DF; ideal for mixing and applying at the early growth stage (8-12 DAYS) for control of various weeds in rice crops.

For enhanced disease control Kenso has introduced YIELD-SET a pack containing Kenso’s KEN-KAZOLE (Propiconazole) and Tricyclazole 750 WP, an ideal combination for the control of rice blast and dirty panicle caused by Pyricularia grisea, Curvularia lunata (Wakk) Boed., Cercospora oryzae I. Miyake, Helminthosporium oryzae Breda de Hann, Trichoconis padwickii Ganguly, Fusarium semitectum Berk & Rav and Sarocladium orzyae Sawada. Additionally Kenso has released PROPANIL 60 DF rice herbicide in a separate 1 KG soft pack. The 60 DF formulation saves growers on handling and packaging disposal and provides excellent results in weed control in rice. The product mixes very easily and is compatible with many other products.

Kenso will also be marketing the product “SAMAR“ (A RICECO trade name) a 750 gm. / KG high quality Tricyclazole fungicide primarily used for the control of rice blast. SAMAR will be available in a convenient and economical 100 gm. soft pack and also be offered in a twin pack with Kenso’s Propiconazole fungicide KEN-KAZOLE.

Local manager of Kenso Agcare Thailand Mr. Yutthana Kumpaneard says expanding the Kenso offering in rice is an important strategic move for Kenso, “we operate in most of the major rice growing countries across Asia so it makes sense to get some synergy from our position in this important market by adding to our range in Thailand. Traditionally we have been more focused on the plantation and small crop sector in Thailand particularly with our very popular Glufosinate product “KENBAST 15”.

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